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Common Interview Questions for a Plumber Position

When you are preparing for a job interview, you know the interviewer will ask a bunch of difficult questions. It is not easy getting accepted for a plumber position since a lot of people are applying for the same position. No matter how good you think you are, better remember that there are a lot of applicants who feel the same way.

Even if they say the position is urgent, they will still interview a lot of people. You will rarely come across a job position (loodgietersbedrijf Den Haag) that will automatically hire you on the spot no matter how bad you did at the interview. It is important to ace the interview and that is a lot easier said than done. If you think you know the answers to all the questions the HR is going to ask, the person may opt to change the questions. You will notice the interviewer will take down some notes so she will remember your answers. She will definitely not pass you if you did not do great because that will reflect on her.

It would be better to practice the common interview questions that are usually asked. Besides, if you failed to answer the questions properly then you won’t pass the interview. Yes, you can kiss your chances of getting your dream job goodbye. Here are some commonly asked interview questions:

What is your background in plumbing?
To become a plumber, you should have taken some crash courses. Thus, this is where you must enumerate all the courses you took. In addition, you must state all the plumbing problems you were able to solve by yourself. Of course, it would not count if you had help from someone you know. The more experience you have, the better chances you have of getting accepted for the job.

Why should we hire you?
This is probably the most common HR question. No matter what job you are applying for, they will definitely ask it. Thus, you must state that you are a very dependable person. After that, state some examples or they won’t believe you. Besides, you just met the interviewer so you just can’t expect them to believe you out of all the other applicants who they expect to interview.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This is another question that is commonly asked. It is pretty similar to the previous question because the interviewer would want to get to know you more. You must state situations in the past that proves your strengths. Of course, there is no need to state a weakness that can’t be tolerated. It is normal for everyone to have some type of weakness whether it is tolerable or not. Don’t be shy in admitting things to the interviewer because it is something that can be fixed. You should always be confident in your abilities or you will get nowhere.

Are you familiar with the latest plumbing equipment?
Due to latest advancements in technology, there have been some new introductions with regards to plumbing equipment. Not all plumbers know what they are all about so that would put you at an advantage if you are a plumber who knows the latest tools. If you know how to operate the tools then they won’t have to train you how to use them.

Now that you know the questions you are going to expect, better dress nicely for the interview. Even if you answer all the questions correctly, they still won’t accept you for the job if you dress badly. You must always wear formal attire and if you feel hot then you can bring extra clothes. You can just put them in your backpack as there is nothing wrong with bringing that in your interview.

Besides, they won’t even think that you are going to another interview. Another thing to remember is to always tell the truth. They have a way of finding out whether you are lying or not. When they find out you are lying then you will automatically get rejected for the job. That does not mean you should always tell the truth though because there are other things you don’t need to say to them unless they ask for it.

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